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We appreciate Sleep Country Canada Testimonials! Working at Sleep Country Canada (SCC) is more than a job, it's your opportunity to realize your full potential. From your first day at Sleep Country Canada, you will be part of an amazing team effort, and this will carry on throughout your career as you are empowered to make a positive difference to your team, the customer experience and the growth of our business. So please feel free to tell us what we're doing right, or help us identify opportunities for improvement.

Written Testimonials

My name is Matt Obaidi, I currently hold the position of distribution manager at the GTA distribution center, DC 93. My journey at Sleep Country Canada started in April of 2010. I had recently lost my job as a distribution manager due to the economic down turn and was looking to work for a market leader with an excellent reputation in the community, solid foundations and a secure future. I had come across an opening for a distribution supervisor at Sleep Country. I did my research on the company and the values they based their business upon got my attention. After meeting Dave Atkinson (Operation’s manager) and Sieg will (VP of operations) I knew I was in the right place. Both gentlemen did a great job in explaining what the company was all about, the company values, culture and company expectations. Although I was taking a step back in my career and accepting a Supervisor’s position but I knew I was walking in to a solid organization. I held the Distribution Supervisor’s position for seven months and was promoted to Distribution manager in November 2010. I enjoy working at Sleep Country, It is a great environment and the culture that exists is second to none, considering the size of the organization. Personal development of associates through great leadership is the number one priority here. It is a great environment to learn and grow in and opportunities to move forward exist if you are willing to put the effort. Hard work and commitment are always recognized and significant accomplishments often celebrated.

Matt O.
Distribution Manager

I am so excited to share my story with you! My name is Krista and I am a Sales Associate with Sleep Country Canada. When I initially began to look for an alternative place of employment five years ago, one of the most important criteria was a positive work environment and a company that treated their employees very well. In my quest for a change in career, I researched Canada's Top 50 Employers. I discovered that Sleep Country ranked very highly and as good fortune would have it, the following week Sleep Country advertised for a sales position in my area. At the interview process, I was impressed with the way in which Sleep Country took care of its employees, not only in tangible remuneration, but also in the intangibles that I was seeking. My first impression was that of a professional and well run organization. I was thrilled when the Regional Manager offered me the opportunity to join the Sleep Country team! My career at Sleep Country began with intensive sales training. I also learned about the mattress industry and honed my skills while training. I was so excited to begin my first day talking to real customers. What a thrill! During the past four and a half years I look forward to coming into Sleep Country and fitting my customers to the proper sleep system. One of the most important reasons that I continue to remain with Sleep Country is the strong sense of commitment to its employees. As well, as a busy mother of two teenagers, it is imperative that I have the flexibility to support family matters. The company is very accommodating in allowing me to meet the needs of my family while maintaining a great career at Sleep Country Canada.

Krista U.
Sales Associate

I began my career with Sleep Country Canada in Customers Service on an 8 month contract. That truly at the time was all I was looking for too. When I joined the Sleep
Country Canada team I did not realize the endless opportunities ahead, not to mention the tremendous benefits available.

Within a few months the personal goals changed, as did the professional goals. I had become a full fledged member of our Customer Service team. Since then I have move into the role of Operations Assistant for the Western Canada division.

There are many benefits to working here and as in any other company it has it challenges too. The difference between considering to jump ship because the tough is getting tougher and staying on the ship to whether the storm is that in Sleep Country Canada, when one member of the team is down or a department in the organization is down – we all work together to help, support and pick each other up, just like a family does! It does not matter the position or role you are in, everyone truly cares.

The most important benefit to me though, is the security and support I feel working for such an amazing organization. In my many years, I have been able to grow personally and professional, which has allowed me to support my kids by providing them a home and a good stable lifestyle. I never worry about additional support either because Sleep Country Canada there is also a program called lifeworks. It helps you with anything and everything, from childcare to budgeting.

The opportunities are unlimited at Sleep Country Canada and even if you don’t have a specific career path, that’s okay; Sleep Country Canada has a way of putting you exactly where you need to be. I’m living proof and I can contest that the grass is not greener on the other side. When you have the same culture, values and goals as the company you work for, it is where you belong. It’s called home.

There are a lot of places to “work” and sometime opportunities may come knocking on your door but at Sleep Country Canada, you’re part of the Family. There aren’t many places that offer this benefit. Simply stated, Sleep Country Canada is an AWESOME place to work!

Maggie B.
Operations Assistant, Western Division Since 2001
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