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Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting your new mattress

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Do I need to buy a new frame when I purchase a mattress set?

A strong metal frame with the proper centre support is very important. Today's mattress sets are much thicker and heavier than in the past. An inadequate frame may provide improper support resulting in premature wear and failure of your mattress and box spring.

Make sure your frame has a rigid centre support and at least five legs or a minimum of five hardwood cross slats. A CENTER LEG is required between the centre support beam and the floor for all queen and king sets and to some full/double sets. Each manufacturer has specific requirements for acceptable support; please review your manufacturer warranty card for further information.

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What type of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Amex on Delivery. Cash, debit and CITI Financing is available in store.

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How can I find more information about a product on your website?

Go to the heading Mattresses and Accessories and choose the drop down items.

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Why don’t you publish mattress prices on your website?

At Sleep Country we understand that buying a mattress is an important purchase and getting it right is critical.

We strongly believe that in order to help you get a great night’s sleep, you need to come into one of our stores and test out the mattresses to find the one that offers the right level of support and comfort for you and one that can help alleviate any sleeping issues you might have. Our highly trained Sales Team are Sleep Experts. We will help you compare models and prices, and provide the information you need to make an informed decision in a relaxed, no pressure environment.

We believe that mattress shopping does not lend itself to online shopping and we openly acknowledge that it is not easy to compare prices or products between retailers. Most of the beds that we carry are specialized models made uniquely for Sleep Country that aren’t available in other stores. For example, the Sealy Posturepedic models at Sleep Country are completely different than Sealy Posturepedic’s carried by other retailers in Canada, even though they have a similar name. Sleep Country is the only retailer in Canada authorized to use Sealy’s ground-breaking Optimum technology and advanced foam core in our beds rather than using traditional springs.

More people choose to buy their mattress from Sleep Country than any other store in Canada. As the country’s largest mattress retailer, we have great prices and exclusive features and technologies in our mattresses that other retailers don’t offer. With a large assortment of mattresses in a wide range of prices, we are confident that our Sleep Experts can help you find the right mattress for how you sleep and within your budget.

We have two important guarantees that will give you peace of mind when buying a mattress at Sleep Country:

  1. Price Guarantee – We shop our competitors daily to ensure that we know their products so we can help you compare. And, if our price isn’t already lower, we’ll beat any competitor’s price by 5%. Guaranteed. This guarantee applies to any mattress offer you can find in the marketplace. It doesn’t have to be the exact same bed. We’ll honour the guarantee on a comparable bed we have at Sleep Country.
  2. Comfort Guarantee – If, for any reason, you get your new mattress home and you are not sleeping well, we offer a comfort exchange with no hassles. Our Comfort Guarantee gives you two full months from delivery to ensure the mattress is perfect for you.


Rest assured, because you can’t make a mistake when you shop at Sleep Country! Have a look at what our customers have to say about us or find your closest Sleep Country now.


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How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is free for any orders over $300 and within our regular delivery area.

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Do I need to remove my old mattress before the new one is delivered?

No our drivers will do that for you for a $15 Green Fee per piece, and they will set up any product that you have purchased from us.

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Will you take my old products away?

If you wish, we will remove your old mattress and boxspring from your home and donate it to charity for a $15 Green Fee per piece. We cannot remove waterbeds, futons, uncovered foam mattresses, bed frames, headboards, or other furniture due to the possibility of damaging your home or other products on the truck. Please see our Green fee FAQ for more details.

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What do I need to do before delivery?

You should strip the linens from your old bed, detach any existing headboards/footboards from your old frame, re-arrange any furniture if required. In order to assist in a safe, damage free delivery, it is recommended that the path of delivery is cleared of any obstacles and fragile items. During winter conditions, please ensure that the walkway is clear of snow and ice.

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What is the $15 Green fee?

This is a small fee we charge per piece to help us continue our charity and recycling programs.

Warranty Information

Sleep Country Canada works closely with the manufacturers to ensure that our customers get the best warranty service. We handle all warranty claims from the initial assessment to the exchange of the mattress (if deemed to be a warrantable issue). Our services are free! There is no charge for initiating a claim or for the exchange of a defective product. (Provided the exchange is within our delivery area)

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How long is my warranty coverage?

The length of your warranty depends on the type of mattress you purchased. You can find this information on your warranty card.

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What is a pro-rated warranty?

If you have a pro-rated warranty, expect to pay a pro-rated usage charge if the bedding is returned after the free repair or if the replacement period has expired. Pro-rated warranty will normally decrease the replacement value every year that the product has been used until reaching the maximum life of the warranty and exhausting the replacement value.

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Do I need to buy a mattress and box spring/foundation together for my warranty to be valid?

No. You can buy one piece separately and still have a valid warranty. However, if your new mattress is matched to an unstable foundation or defective box spring, the mattress warranty will be voided.

Today's mattresses are built heavier and thicker so it's possible that some box springs or foundations, whether old or new, won't provide adequate support. Purchasing a complete new set with assured mattress and box spring compatibility is always a wise choice.

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Do I need a new frame?

A strong metal frame with the proper centre support is very important. Today's mattress sets are much thicker and heavier than in the past. An inadequate frame may provide improper support resulting in premature wear and failure of your mattress and box spring.

Make sure your frame has a rigid centre support and at least five legs or a minimum of five hardwood cross slats. A CENTER LEG is required between the centre support beam and the floor for all queen and king sets and to some full/double sets. Each manufacturer has specific requirements for acceptable support, please review your manufacturer warranty card for further information.

This rule applies to all queen and king sets and to some full/double sets.

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What does my warranty cover?

Your mattress warranty is not an indicator of how long your mattress should be used before being replaced; it is designed to protect you against defects related to the mattress design and construction. Mattresses "wear out" over time.

After flexing thousands of times, springs lose their ability to rebound and support the body. Also, the microscopic cells in foams can break down over time.

Typically, after seven to ten years, the decline in support and comfort becomes significant enough to impair your sleep.

Your warranty covers the following items during normal wear:

Traditional Spring Mattress:

  • Torn handles, stitches pulled out of the handle where sewn to the mattress, or tears in the mattress fabric where the handles are attached.
  • Coils or wires that are loose, broken, protrude, or rip through fabric.
  • Body indentations of 1.5" or greater.
  • Sagging: Your mattress must be continuously supported by a matching box spring, or equivalent, with an appropriate frame. The frame should include a rigid centre support with at least 5 legs or a rigid centre support with at least 5 hardwood cross slats for Queen and King sets. A rigid centre support is equal to a support that extends from the frame to the floor.
Foam Mattress:
  • The warranty for foam mattresses varies by manufacturer; please refer to your warranty card for details on coverage.
Box Spring:
  • Splits in the wood frame.
  • Squeaks, rattles, or noises.
  • Bent, loose, or defective beams and/or centre support rail.
  • Loose or broken box spring wire.
  • Compression modules.
  • stapling of modules.
  • Sagging: A proper bed frame must continuously support the box spring. For King and Queen sets, a rigid centre support having at least 5 legs or a rigid centre support having at least 5 hardwood cross slats is necessary. A rigid centre support is equal to a support that extends from the frame to the floor.
  • Simmons/Rev Sleep requires centre support for full size mattresses

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Is there anything specific that my warranty does not cover?

Items and damages not specifically listed in the "Warranty Coverage" section are not covered, including, for example:

  • Mattress fabric
  • Structural damage from using an improper bed frame. This warranty applies to Queen and King sizes mattresses or box springs ONLY if they are used on an appropriate frame with a rigid centre support having at least 5 legs or a rigid centre support having at least 5 hardwood cross slats.
  • Comfort preference
  • Body indentations less than the amount specified on the warranty card. Mattress damage due to an inappropriate box spring/ foundation. A mattress is designed for full performance when used in conjunction with a matching box spring as part of a total sleep set.
  • Replacement of another piece in the sleep set, unless such other piece is also defective.
  • Mattress or box spring / foundation damage due to abuse
  • Transportation costs


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What is a body impression and is it a defect?

A body impression can look like a shallow indent, but it's actually an imprint that forms on your mattress when you sleep in the same area and it is adjusting and conforming to your body. Body impressions do not indicate a structural weakness or breaking down of the innerspring unit.

It is not a defect, just a normal sign that your mattress is doing its job. Body impressions help to give you better spine alignment and help your bed customize to your specific body shape.

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What should I do if I suspect a warranty problem?

First, read your warranty card carefully so you understand warranty limitations. Keep in mind that warranties may differ by model or manufacturer. If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service department at 1-888-753-3788. See our Warranty section for more information on how to do a self-assessment.

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What if I am unable to complete the warranty claim within the specified time limit?

Most consumers with the necessary tools find the online warranty simple and convenient to use. However if you are having difficulties, please call us at 1-888-753-3788 to discuss.

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What circumstances will cause the manufacturer to decline my warranty?

Be sure to read your warranty card to understand any warranty limitations. Some warranties become void if the mattress is soiled, certain tags are removed, you no longer have the original receipt or warranty, or if the mattress is used with a defective foundation or frame.

If you have questions or concerns, call us toll free 1-888-753-3788. Our skilled and helpful associates will guide you through the warranty process.

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Why doesn’t the manufacturer replace my whole set if I have a problem?

In cases where either the mattress or the box spring alone has a manufacturing defect, only the defective piece will be repaired or replaced.

Occasionally, the original cover for the replacement has been discontinued and is not available. The manufacturer will replace the new piece with a cover of equal or greater quality.

This will not affect the serviceability of the product or future warranty claims.

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If I receive a new mattress or box spring/ foundation through a warranty claim, does my warranty start over?

No. The length of the manufacturer's warranty is determined by the date of the original purchase. Check your manufacturer's warranty card to determine the length of your warranty period.

Updating my information

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What should I do if I’ve moved?

Please contact us when you move so that we may keep your warranty records up to date. For your privacy and security we require a written change of address before we can update your file. This can be e-mailed to us using our change of address form.

After Your Delivery

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What do I do I have received my product and I noticed that it was damaged?

While we make every effort to ensure that your product arrives to you damage free, sometimes due to the nature of the product and space constrictions the product may become damaged. If you are concerned please give us a call. Damages must be reported within 48 hours of delivery.

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My new mattress smells, is this normal?

A slight chemical odor in new bedding is normal and can be expected. A mattress is packaged in airtight plastic wrap immediately after it is manufactured to ensure that it is sterile, dry and clean for the consumer. Please take off any coverings, open the windows (if possible) and let it air out for a few hours before putting the linens back on. The odor will normally dissipate within a week as long as the product is being used but may take up to a month.

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What should I do if a corner guard on my box spring/foundation comes off?

Corner guards are placed on box springs and/or foundations to protect them during delivery. If they come off after your mattress is set up, that's OK-they've already done their job.

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The material on the bottom of the boxspring/foundation has torn, should I be concerned?

The material at the bottom of your boxspring is a cosmetic finish. The removal or tearing of this cover will not affect the performance or the warranty on this boxspring.

Fabric Protection

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I purchased fabric protection. What do I do if I get a stain on my mattress?

The fabric protection plan provides service in the event a Sleep Set item becomes stained by common household foods and or beverages or human and/or pet bodily fluids or becomes damaged by accidental odors, rips tears and or cigarette burns (see exclusions on Service Agreement)

Requests for service under the Fabric Protection plan should be made within 14 days of the stain occurring. Please call Zucora directly at 1-866-769-5741 to initiate a claim. Do not attempt to remove the stain yourself as this may make the stain worse or harder to remove.

Mattress Pads

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I purchased a mattress cover. What do I do if it leaks?

We carry a variety of mattress covers which provide leakage protection when purchased on the same invoice as a mattress:

  • If you have purchased a Protect-a-bed (PABMB-#) mattress cover together with a new mattress your mattress surface will be covered against staining. To register a claim, please call Protect-a-bed at 1-866-297-8836 within 2 days of the incident occurring.
  • If you have purchased a Protex-It (PROTEX-#) mattress cover together with a new mattress, you can contact Tempur at 1-800-887-4321
  • Look at your invoice for the matching skus.


Adjustable Bases

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My adjustable is not working, who do I call?

For most of our adjustable bases parts and service are handled directly by the manufacturer. Please refer to the chart below for contact and warranty information. Your sku number can be found on your invoice.

SKU Vendor Manufacturer Warranty Contact Number
  • Year 1 Full
  • Year 2 parts only
  • Year 3-20 prorated parts only
1001AB Tempur ERGO
  • Year 1 Full
  • Year 2 and 3 parts only
  • Year 4-20 prorated parts only
7510AB and

  • Year 1 Full
  • Year 2-20 prorated parts only
  • Year 1 Full
  • Year 2 Motor
  • Year 2-5 Parts only
  • Year 6-25 prorated parts

and 2608AB
Primo Primo 2 year –parts only See troubleshooting Guide
71280AB Sealy

LEGGETT AND PLATT 1 year full / 5th year parts only 1-800-345-4333