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Sealy PerfectRest Optimum Conroy

You don't have to spend big to get the mattress that is just right for you, and the Sealy Conroy is the perfect, comfortable proof. Made with soft organic cotton and StayTrue™ Fibre, you'll remain at the perfect temperature all night long. The combination of SuperSoft OptiCool™ Gel HD Foam and a Medium Firm HD StayTrue™ Foam support base offers durability, support and comfort.

Twin $499.98
Full $598.89
King $962.25


Serta PerfectSleeper Elite Arbor Walk

For the cosiest sleep from a Serta PerfectSleeper mattress, look to the Arbor Walk euro top bed, exclusively at Sleep Country. This sleep surface has an extra layer of comfort foam, as well as all the support features the collection offers to provide you with the perfect sleep.

Twin $989.79
Full $1,018.13
King $1,449.95


Kingsdown Duet Holly

The Holly from Kingsdown's Duet collection provides a cool, comfortable sleep with four layers of gel foam. With all the temperature technology you'd expect from a Kingsdown mattress, but with a few extra comfort features, like a foam topper and motion separation foam, this mattress, exclusive to Sleep Country, is ready to help you have your best sleep yet.

Twin $1,297.89
Full $1,565.13
King $2,368.53


Sealy Optimum Posturepedic Silver Oak

Enjoy a rejuvenating sleep with the Silver Oak, part of Sealy's Optimum Posturepedic line. With innovative core technology and extra support around the edges, you'll get pressure relief exactly where you need it without sacrificing comfort, temperature control or long-lasting durability.

Twin $736.33
Full $813.42
King $1,263.37


Serta PerfectSleeper Elite Clear Springs

Get all the benefits of a Serta PerfectSleeper mattress with a little extra comfort from the Clear Springs sleep surface, exclusive to Sleep Country. With an extra layer of comforting foam along with Cool Twist™ gel foam for temperature control and support foam, it's the perfect balance between comfort and support.

Twin $911.31
Full $934.72
King $1,386.67


Serta Masterpiece Edenwood

You'll want to sink right in to the Edenwood super EuroTop mattress from Serta's Masterpiece collection, with its extra comfort foam and micro coils. Exclusive to Sleep Country, this sleep surface brings together the support the collection is know for, and the ultimate in cozy comfort.

Twin XL $1,492.74
King $2,098.89


Kingsdown Duet Ivory

Kingsdown's collection of Duet sleep surfaces is known for its advanced temperature regulating system, designed to maintain the perfect body temperature through the night. The Ivory is the standout in the collection for sleepers who want a mattress that envelopes them in luxury. Exclusively at Sleep Country, the Ivory is topped with two extra layers of foam that offer support and comfort where you need it most.

Full $1,998.87
King $2,738.57

Intro Pricing

Contour Collection Elite Premiere

The Premiere, exclusively available at Sleep Country, offers all the benefits you expect from the Contour Collection, but its even better for the environment. The mattress is made with organic cotton grown without pesticides, and a breathable fibre blend for softness and to promote air circulation around the mattress. The zoned pocket coils provide pressure relief and eliminate motion transfer to keep both you and your sleep partner undisturbed.

Twin $656.76
Full $698.89
King $1,148.84

Intro Pricing

Kingsdown Pure Sleep Atlas

For a classically comfortable sleep surface, look to the Kingsdown Pure Sleep Atlas. Independent pocket coils, concentrated in the center third of the mattress, mean you and your sleep partner won't disturb each other. You'll both get extra support through your lower backs, too. The Gq temperature regulating system has three gel based components with airflow technology, so you'll always be at just the right temperature.

Twin $699.89
Full $859.49
King $1,446.85

Intro Pricing

Simmons Beautyrest Silver Evanston

Firm support and temperature control come together to make the perfect mattress in the Simmons Beautyrest® Evanston Set. Individually pocketed coils reduce motion transfer, and the Silver Fibre and Gel Foam make this mattress durable and temperature-regulating. Get extra lower back support, too, with Double Titanium Lumbar Support®.

Twin $875.52
Full $1,062.50
King $1,647.75

Intro Pricing

Kingsdown iRest Edge

For an amazing night's sleep with extra support, look to the Kingsdown iRest Edge. The independent pocket coil system, the Gq temperature regulation system with its three gel based components and the BluTek Gel memory foam with phase change technology come together to create a seriously comfortable sleep surface. Partner motion is reduced, you'll feel cool, and you'll get support right to the edges of the mattress.

Twin $987.18
Full $1,230.77
King $1,989.74

Intro Pricing

Simmons Beautyrest Silver Delmar

Luxury and support come together in the Simmons Beautyrest® Delmar sleep surface. Motion is reduced thanks to the individually pocketed coils, and Surface Gel Technology Foam® keeps you cool through the entire night. Double Titanium Lumbar Support® relieves your back, and additional foam layers provide extra, luxurious comfort.

Twin $1,098.89
Full $1,399.42
King $2,037.49

Intro Pricing

Simmons Beautyrest Imperial Collection Sublime

The Simmons Beautyrest® Sublime is as luxurious as its name would suggest, providing premium support and a perfect night's sleep. Individually pocketed coils cradle your body and reduce motion transfer, while Gel-Infused™ latex foam provide durability and comfort. The Double Titanium Lumbar Support® in the center third of the mattress is exactly the extra support your lower back needs.

Twin $1,512.50
Full $1,837.50
King $2,598.89

Sunset Collection Australian Wool-Down Duvet

Sleep in comfort with the lightweight blend of Australian wool and white down. This unique blend provides the best of both worlds in comfort and breathability. Australian wool has an amazing natural ability to wick away the body’s moisture without feeling damp. It’s also an anti-allergen and offers dust mite protection. White duck down has light and fluffy properties and traps body heat within its clusters to provide insulation, breathability and warmth for the perfect night’s sleep.

Full $179.99
Queen $199.99
King $259.99

Intro Pricing

Sunset Collection LuxeSilk™ Duvet

No matter the season, you'll be at the perfect temperature when you're wrapped up in your LuxeSilk™ Duvet, thanks to the natural breathability and softness of silk. Handcrafted with pure silk and premium hollow slick polyester, the Duvet is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, so you can rest easy.

Full $159.99
Queen $189.99
King $259.99

Beaudoin Julien Headboard

Cette tête de lit de métal comporte un design simple mais frappant combinant un cadre extérieur et un grillage contemporains.

Beaudoin Vincenza

This Vincenza upholstered headboard is designed for modern decors with it's simple dark shade and decorative seams to reflect your refined taste.

Leggett & Platt Biscay HEADBOARD

This stunning Biscay headboard is a stunning centre piece for your bedroom. Made with symmetrical button accents and button-tufted upholstery creating a subtle texture with a sleek design.

Leggett & Platt Villette

Accented with a decorative nail head trim, this Villette headboard is designed to add a European flair to transitional styling. This sophisticated headboard creates a beautiful palate for a classic, tasteful bedroom.

Beaudoin Edgewood HEADBOARD

Featuring the surprising combination of a traditionally shaped headboard with an inverted foot board the Edgewood bed is seamlessly crafted to fashion a truly graceful bed.

Leggett & Platt Marlo Headboard

The Marlo Headboard, exclusively at Sleep Country, is a versatile headboard with a stylistic flair. An elegant oval motif carries over both the headboard.

*Spring Mix & Match Ends March 28 2017

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Julien Headboard

This metal headboard features a simple yet striking design. Starting at just $115.

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