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Sleep Fest
Sealy Optimum Gramercy

The Gramercy EuroTop mattress from Sealy has layers of cushioning comfort that makes it feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Designed to conform to your natural curves to help eliminate pressure points.

Twin $495.56
Full $586.67
King $935.56

Sleep Fest
Contour Collection Tessa PillowTop

This delightfully comfortable PillowTop mattress has a memory foam layer providing a soft comfortable sleep that will leave you feeling rejuvenated each morning.

Twin $565.71
Full $685.86
King $1,038.80

Sleep Fest
Kingsdown Passions Rockwell

Sleep soundly throughout the night with the help of motion separation foam that helps reduce motion transfer. Includes an AirFlow Foam Encasement that provides additional airflow. This mattress is the perfect combination of a supportive feel with the pleasure of cooling comfort.

Twin $702.38
Full $838.10
King $1,366.67

Sleep Fest
Serta Perfect Sleeper Clarewood

Enjoy a firm comfort feel with a zoned innerspring to give your back and body the right support throughout the night. Temperature regulating gel memory foam technology interacts with your body's changing thermal temperature to maintain a regulated sleep environment and gives you the support you need.

Twin $824.05
Full $890.87
King $1,358.57

Sleep Fest
Sealy Optimum Posturepedic Superia

Sleep comfortably each night with the relaxing comfort of our EXCLUSIVE Optimum Sealy Posturepedic which has been designed to provide the ultimate deep, relaxing sleep.

Twin $813.95
Full $888.37
King $1,398.89

Sleep Fest
Serta Perfect Sleeper Coastview PillowTop

Undeniably supportive yet delightfully comfortable, this individually wrapped coiled Plush PillowTop provides enhanced temperature-moderating relief with the added support of a gel memory foam layer.

Twin $941.86
Full $976.74
King $1,465.12

Sleep Fest
Simmons Beautyrest Elite™ Wilshire

Escape to paradise with this PillowTop mattress made with luxurious silk-wool fibre for a more comfortable and restful sleep. Made with GelTouch posturized foam to enhance the sleep surface.

Twin $883.72
Full $1,034.88
King $1,569.77

Sleep Fest
Sealy Optimum Posturepedic Luxuria

Feel blissfully revitalized each morning when you wake up from a rejuvenating slumber on this EuroTop mattress with innovative OptiCool™ gel memory foam. Discover relief from painful pressure points, plus the added benefit of temperature regulating materials to help deliver an optimum temperature range that leaves you sleeping better than before.

Twin $960.47
Full $1,027.91
King $1,569.77

Sleep Fest
Simmons Beautyrest Elite™ Cavanagh

Delight in this PillowTop Pocketed Coil mattress that includes luxurious silk & wool fibre for an enhanced sleep surface. Includes GelTouch posturized foam that’s exclusive to Sleep Country.

Twin $997.65
Full $1,237.50
King $1,848.89

Sleep Fest
Kingsdown Silent Partner Loyola EuroTop

Escape into a plush paradise that embraces you with a layer of plush foam & BluTek gel memory foam to provide additional comfort while you sleep. The new Exclusive G4 technology is designed to better regulate the body’s temperature for a deeper more restful sleep.

Twin $1,023.81
Full $1,242.86
King $1,921.43

Sleep Fest
Kingsdown Duet Barrymore

Slip into the Barrymore for a plush comfort feel that offers a symphony of both temperature regulation and the support of foam layers for a night of pure relaxation.

Twin $1,043.04
Full $1,273.42
King $2,197.47

Sleep Fest
Simmons Beautyrest WC Elite™ Imperial Estate

Enjoy this voluptuous mattress with a plush feel. You'll sleep more comfortably with the TruTemp™ posturized foam that helps with temperature regulation. Patented Evolution NON-FLIP Pocket Coil® provides your body the balanced support you seek and helps relieves pressure points while you sleep.

Twin $1,255.81
Full $1,476.74
King $2,046.51

Sleep Fest ends November 25, 2014. See store for details. Headboards and accessories not included. Fabrics may vary.

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