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At Sleep Country Canada there’s a mattress type for every sleep style. Whether you’re a side or back sleeper, or looking for a mattress that’s firm, soft or adjustable, we can help you find everything you need to get a better sleep.

Remember, the best way to choose the right mattress for you is by trying them out. Visit us at a location near you to feel the Sleep Country difference for yourself.

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Sealy Optimum Posturepedic Hazel- HOT BUY

Traditional Top

If you're constantly waking up, feeling overheated, there is a solution. Get your sleep temperature balanced with the Optimum Posturpedic Hazel, and you'll stay cool and comfortable all night.

Sealy Up Lifestyle Base

Lifestyle Base

This lifestyle base is a great way to upgrade from a flat foundation to a more versatile option. With the simple head-up feature you can read, watch TV or work on your laptop in bed.

Sealy Optimum Eastridge- HOT BUY

Adjustable, EuroTop

Looking for a mattress that's good for you and the planet? The Sealy Optimum Eastridge is made with organic cotton in so it is environmentally friendly, too.

Sealy Optimum Gold Serene

Adjustable, Memory Foam, Traditional Top

There are memory foam mattresses, and then there's the Gold Serene from Sealy's Optimum collection. The liquid gel is what makes a tried and true difference: Three different kinds of gel technology give this mattress its unmatched ability to conform to your body and provide support right where it's needed.

Sealy Optimum Gold Valentino

Adjustable, Memory Foam, Traditional Top

If you've never owned a memory foam sleep surface and you're not sure if you'll get the support you need out of one, look no further than the Gold Valentino. With an extra liquid gel technology at its core, it provides the curve-hugging comfort only a memory foam mattress can, with all the support Sealy's Optimum line promises.

Sealy Optimum Grey Birch

Adjustable, EuroTop, Memory Foam

The Grey Birch euro top bed, from Sealy's Optimum line of mattresses, is where support and comfort meet to give you your best sleep yet. The core technology provides the ultimate relief for all of your pressure points, plus the five Comfort Quilt layers make this sleep surface truly luxurious. Cooling layers keep you cool all through the night.

Sealy Optimum Harp

Adjustable, Memory Foam, Traditional Top

There are few things worse than struggling to fall asleep. If you toss and turn, the Harp from Sealy's Optimum line could be the mattress of your dreams. Its high density foam both supports and conforms to your body, while its innovative motion technology means you won't be disturbed while you sleep.

Sealy Optimum Mantle

Adjustable, Europillowtop, Memory Foam

Finding a luxuriously comfortable mattress that still performs when it comes to support might seem impossible, but that could be because you haven't slept on a Mantle. This all-foam sleep surface contains temperature regulating technology, and it has all the core support you'd expect from a Sealy Optimum mattress.

Sealy Optimum Posturepedic Acro

Adjustable, Memory Foam, Traditional Top

Sometimes, the density that makes a really supportive mattress can trap heat, but that won’t happen with the Acro. Core support and gel enhanced foam come together to provide the ultimate in comfort and temperature control.

Sealy Optimum Posturepedic Bourree

Adjustable, EuroTop, Memory Foam

If you want all the support, temperature regulation and motion transfer control Sealy's line of Optimum mattresses provides, but even more luxurious comfort, look to the Bourree EuroTop mattress. It has two extra Comfort Quilt layers and  temperature-regulating gel foam to keep you cosy and cool until your alarm rings.

Sealy Optimum Posturepedic Eastland

Adjustable, Memory Foam, Traditional Top

Dreaming of a great night's sleep? Try the Eastland from Sealy's Optimum collection. Core technology supports your body where it needs it the most, and layers of dense, durable foam will keep your bed feeling like new for years to come.

Sealy Optimum Posturepedic Silver Oak

Adjustable, Memory Foam, Traditional Top

Enjoy a rejuvenating sleep with the Silver Oak, part of Sealy's Optimum Posturepedic line. With innovative core technology and extra support around the edges, you'll get pressure relief exactly where you need it without sacrificing comfort, temperature control or long-lasting durability.

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