Mattress Types

At Sleep Country Canada there’s a mattress type for every sleep style. Whether you’re a side or back sleeper, or looking for a mattress that’s firm, soft or adjustable, we can help you find everything you need to get a better sleep.

Remember, the best way to choose the right mattress for you is by trying them out. Visit us at a location near you to feel the Sleep Country difference for yourself.

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Contour Collection Elite Premiere

Pocketcoil, Traditional Top

The Premiere, exclusively available at Sleep Country, offers all the benefits you expect from the Contour Collection, but its even better for the environment. The mattress is made with organic cotton grown without pesticides, and a breathable fibre blend for softness and to promote air circulation around the mattress. The zoned pocket coils provide pressure relief and eliminate motion transfer to keep both you and your sleep partner undisturbed.

Contour Collection Elite Royale

EuroTop, Pocketcoil

For a natural, comfortable sleep, the Elite Royale, Exclusive to Sleep Country, is just what you've been looking for. Made with organic cotton and layers of Soy EcoFoam, the mattress is breathable and air can easily circulate around it. The zoned pocket coil provides pressure relief and eliminates motion transfer for an undisturbed sleep. You'll get a long, restful sleep on this plush eurotop mattress.

Contour Collection Slate

Traditional Top

For a supportive sleep, the Slate mattress from Contour Collection is the bed you've been looking for. Exclusive to Sleep Country, this sleep surface has layers of Soy EcoFoam, and is made with durable damask panels and borders.

Leggett & Platt Essential Lifestyle Adjustable Base

Lifestyle Base

Make your bed work for you, and fit in to your lifestyle. With a full range of bed positions, movement and the technology to provide complete ease of use, the Essential Lifestyle Base is a truly amazing sleep surface.

Leggett & Platt Tranquil Lifestyle Adjustable Base

Lifestyle Base

For the ultimate in high-tech comfort, the Tranquil Lifestyle Base is where it's at. With its memory-recall, full-body massage function, and the ability to incline and limit snoring, this bed is as smart as it is luxurious.

Natura Spinal Plus Latex Audelia

Traditional Top

Get exactly what you expect from a Natura mattress with the Audelia, a winner when it comes to premium comfort and maximum support. It has a superior ergonomic design that offers support exactly where you need it and ventilation for temperature control. The ventilated latex is also supportive, and a layer of wool adds durability and even more cooling comfort. Finished off with an organic cotton cover, you'll get an amazing sleep on the Audelia.

Natura Spinal Plus Thermo-Air Karlina

Traditional Top

Natura's reputation is built on premium comfort  for even the most discerning, picky sleepers, and the Karlina lives up to that reputation. Its superior ergonomic design supports your body right where you need it, and it works to ventilate the sleep surface and keep you cooler. The layer of wool provides durable comfort, and even more temperature control. The organic cotton cover is the perfect finish for this amazing mattress.

Sealy Perfect Rest Rogue- HOT BUY


Value meets plush comfort in the Sealy Perfect Rest Rogue. Its natural soft organic cotton helps regulate your body temperature all night so you can get your best sleep. The body-hugging StayTrue™ Foam as well as the Opticore™HD SUPPORT provide support right where you need it, and its durability means you'll get that support for years to come.

Sealy Posturepedic Optimum Archie

Traditional Top

For support right where you need it, the Sealy Posturepedic Archie, with Opticore™ HD Support, conforms to your body's curves. The Opticool™ fibre and the fabric's Outlast® technology help maintain the perfect sleeping temperature, even on the hottest nights, and the reinforced center third supports your lower back.

Sealy Posturepedic Optimum Beckett


Looking for the perfect balance of comfort and support in a mattress? The Sealy Posturepedic Beckett, with its Eurotop and Opticore™ HD, could be just what you need. The Outlast® fibre technology and Opticool™  fibre will keep you cool all night, and the reinforced center third of the mattress provides the extra support your lower back needs.

Sealy Posturepedic Optimum Eton

Traditional Top

For a great sleep on a slightly firmer mattress, look to the Sealy Posturepedic Eton. Opticore™ HD offers core support, and body-conforming comfort, while the Outlast® fabric technology and Opticool™  fibre help control your temperature while you sleep. The reinforced center third offers lumbar support for your back so you'll wake up ache-free.

Sealy Posturepedic Optimum Holt

Traditional Top

With the Sealy Optimum Holt, you'll get a comfortable sleep that will last for years to come. The Opticore™ foam provides deep down support, and the upper foam cradles your body. The HD StayTrue™ Foam adds to the support your body needs, and along with the upper foam, makes this sleep surface super durable.

Sealy Posturepedic Optimum Lux


With the Sealy Posturepedic Optimum Lux Set, you'll get the very best of what Sealy has to offer, and that means the best sleep you've ever had. Every detail has been considered with this sleep surface, from the Liquid Gel Opticore™ support, to the Optisense Gel Memory foam that conforms to your every curve. The reinforced center offers much-needed support to your lower back, and you'll be at the perfect temperature all night thanks to the Opticool™ fibre.

Simmons Beautyrest Imperial Collection Glanville

Pocketcoil, Traditional Top

Sleep right through the night, totally undisturbed and at the perfect temperature, with the Simmons Beautyrest® Glanville. Pocket coil technology reduces motion transfer, and Double Titanium Lumbar Support® relieves your lower back pain. Advanced Gel-Infused™ Latex Foam and Surface Gel Technology Foam® will keep your body cool all night.

Simmons Beautyrest Imperial Collection Sublime

EuroTop, Pocketcoil

The Simmons Beautyrest® Sublime is as luxurious as its name would suggest, providing premium support and a perfect night's sleep. Individually pocketed coils cradle your body and reduce motion transfer, while Gel-Infused™ latex foam provide durability and comfort. The Double Titanium Lumbar Support® in the center third of the mattress is exactly the extra support your lower back needs.

Simmons Beautyrest Silver Delmar


Luxury and support come together in the Simmons Beautyrest® Delmar sleep surface. Motion is reduced thanks to the individually pocketed coils, and Surface Gel Technology Foam® keeps you cool through the entire night. Double Titanium Lumbar Support® relieves your back, and additional foam layers provide extra, luxurious comfort.

Simmons Beautyrest Silver Evanston

Pocketcoil, Traditional Top

Firm support and temperature control come together to make the perfect mattress in the Simmons Beautyrest® Evanston Set. Individually pocketed coils reduce motion transfer, and the Silver Fibre and Gel Foam make this mattress durable and temperature-regulating. Get extra lower back support, too, with Double Titanium Lumbar Support®.

Simmons Beautyrest Silver Lyla

PillowTop, Pocketcoil

If you're looking for top-of-the-line comfort and support, the Simmons Silver Beautyrest® Lyla Set could be your perfect mattress. Its hi-loft pillowtop and individually pocketed coils come together to create comfort and an undisturbed sleep. Surface Gel Technology Foam® reduces pressure points in your shoulders and hips, and maintains an ideal temperature for your body. Double Titanium Lumbar support® offers even more relief for your lower back.

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