Dormeo Octaspring 8500

Dormeo Octaspring  8500Dormeo Octaspring  8500Dormeo Octaspring  8500Dormeo Octaspring  8500
  • Dormeo Octaspring  8500
  • Dormeo Octaspring  8500
  • Dormeo Octaspring  8500
  • Dormeo Octaspring  8500
Dormeo Octaspring

Available Sizes:

Twin &

  • Memory Foam
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Wonderfully breathable yet luxuriously supportive, this memory foam mattress offers an additional third layer of generous Octaspring layers for maximum support while maintaining light breathability and ventilation for an evening of bliss.

  • Ventilated mesh border panel improves breathability
  • Anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant
  • Memory foam comfort layer and tri-zoned memory foam Octaspring coils contours to your unique body shape, and cradles while providing enhanced ventilation and airflow
  • Five-zoned Eco-cell® Octaspring coils and an additional layer of supportive Octasprings combines with the memory foam comfort layer to provide a three-tiered layer for maximum support
  • Exclusively at Sleep Country Canada

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

memory foam has lost it's memory

I purchased this expensive mattress and thought I had finally found a great mattress. The mattress worked as advertised for the first 10 months then I started to notice that the main spot I sleep in was no longer popping backing up which means there is an indentation, which is causing for a very uncomfortable sleep....this is not right and no one from Sleep Country will call me back....I would be very careful purchasing this mattress.

beautiful mattress for too soft

This mattress is wonderful for a cloud feeling with support. It is too soft for me however and I was told all Dormeos are med/firm but not true. This one is a much softer feel. I am going to try and exchange for the 6500 as it doesn't have the top soft layer which should be much better.

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