Dormeo Octaspring 8500

Dormeo Octaspring  8500Dormeo Octaspring  8500Dormeo Octaspring  8500Dormeo Octaspring  8500
  • Dormeo Octaspring  8500
  • Dormeo Octaspring  8500
  • Dormeo Octaspring  8500
  • Dormeo Octaspring  8500
Dormeo Octaspring

Available Sizes:

Twin &

  • Memory Foam
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Wonderfully breathable yet luxuriously supportive, this memory foam mattress offers an additional third layer of generous Octaspring layers for maximum support while maintaining light breathability and ventilation for an evening of bliss.

  • Ventilated mesh border panel improves breathability
  • Anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant
  • Memory foam comfort layer and tri-zoned memory foam Octaspring coils contours to your unique body shape, and cradles while providing enhanced ventilation and airflow
  • Five-zoned Eco-cell® Octaspring coils and an additional layer of supportive Octasprings combines with the memory foam comfort layer to provide a three-tiered layer for maximum support
  • Exclusively at Sleep Country Canada

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Wonderful at first

A friend recommened the dormeo Octaspring 8500 mattress after they were pleased with their purchase over a year ago. This mattress was wonderful at first. but after 5 weeks the top layer foam has a 12 inch rip exactly under where I sleep. I've read a few online reviews that seem to indicate this is common issue with this particular make/model. I've been a Sleep Country customer for over 10 years and have never had an issue with their products. I've placed a call with the warranty department and await their return call.

Dormeo Octaspring 8500

Do not buy this mattress! We have had this mattress 2 years. Very expensive product for us to be getting really sore and tossing and turning all night. Have not had a good night sleep for over 6 months. Went on the web and discovered a Youtube video explaining cracks in the same model. I then looked at ours and discovered shadows through the mattress cover and opened up the zipper to find large cracks in the foam on both sides we sleep on. My husband and I are not heavy people! I would not even give this mattress one star!! Fortunately Customer Service were helpful with the warranty exchange. The staff at the store remembered us and treated us like family. Staff were all patient and knowledgeable with our many questions. Excellent customer service from start to finish.

So good, then it went wrong!

We picked this mattress hoping that it would be the answer for my shoulder pain. It arrived and felt great with very little off gassing. Two weeks later, my shoulder felt better than it had in years. Two months later, my shoulder started hurting again. I felt the mattress and it felt like the foam 'springs' had given out. I had to remove the cover to take pictures for customer service and I found a HUGE crack in the top layer of foam. Customer service was great and we go approval for a warranty exchange a day later. We went into the store and decided, that we weren't willing to risk it with another Dormeo. We selected a Tempur-pedic. In the month waiting for the new mattress, the crack in the foam spread throughout the entire top of the mattress. I'm sure many have no problems with this mattress and we would have been happy with ours but something that costs that much money should never breakdown within 3 months!!!

Dormeo 8500

On our second Dormeo Octaspring 8500. First one developed a 10" rip in the top layer of foam at about hip level in less than a month. Now the second mattress is "significantly" softer than the first one and the construction seems to be different. This mattress measures only 11" and the other was 12 +". The web site indicates that the 8500 should be 12". It does say 8500 on the tag, but this has confused us as the two beds are so VERY different. Called the manufacturer, but have not heard back yet. This bed is too soft can't give a good rating.

2 weeks and the mattress is seperating

Found the mattress comfortable, was sleeping better, noticed a weird crease where my hip would be and I was told to unzip the cover and look. Now dealing with Customer Service. Mattress is only 2 weeks old.

Dormeo Octaspring 8500

We love our Dormeo. Best sleep we have had in a very long time. The combination of memory foam with support suits us both while the breathability of the mattress ensure that one of us (me..sigh)does not overheat! Very Happy with the product...higher price tag... but our sleep is worth it!

beautiful mattress for too soft

This mattress is wonderful for a cloud feeling with support. It is too soft for me however and I was told all Dormeos are med/firm but not true. This one is a much softer feel. I am going to try and exchange for the 6500 as it doesn't have the top soft layer which should be much better.

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