iComfort Oracle

iComfort  Oracle

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  • Memory Foam
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Evenings of amazing pressure relief combines with cool comfort to give you the rejuvenation you need to start your day. The Oracle iComfort is designed with Cool Action™ memory foam infused with the cooling touch of gel to create a comfortable, more supportive and cooler sleep experience. This bed is ideal for those who want the benefits of memory foam, but prefer a firm mattress.

• MicroSupport™ gel beads provide extra support so your muscles can relax and you can wake up with fewer aches and pains
• Cool Action™ gel memory foam reduce pressure points and helps cool your body temperature
• Serta’s Cool Action™ material reduces heat buildup and combines with MicroSupport™ gel to increase airflow and whisk away heat from the body, offering more breathability and cooler comfort

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

iComfort Oracle

From the very first night I fell in love with this mattress. I need a firm mattress and this one is that, but does not cause any uncomfortable pressure points. Before long, the number of hours I needed to sleep became greatly reduced. Now, I usually wake up before my alarm, fully rested after 7 1/2 hrs (I always neede 9-10 before).

Comfort - Oracle

I do give this mattress 4 stars. ( Five stars would be only if it is less money, but I do appreciate the 25 years warranty; no other store offers that to my knowledge). It is very comfortable, more on the hard side, which I like since I can make it softer if I need to. The feel of a foam is very different from the spring that I knew. I do prefer my new bed. I have a problem with my R/A in hips and shoulders, yet I sleep soundly on this mattress. It is firm, but comfy.

The Perfect Marriage

We got the iComfort Oracle from Sleep Country. It's a memory foam mattress, with a twist: it's infused with gel to keep it both cool and extra supportive. To get on it, it's super firm, and then as the gel warms up from your body temperature, it starts to form to your contours. That process takes about 5 minutes. Once it's warmed up a little, it's like sleeping on air. It holds your body snugly, and yet when you move, it's very quick to take its original shape back. You don't get stuck in a cavern for minutes at a time like with most tradition memory foams - it comfortably reforms without being "springy". My body just sits there in a cradle, seemingly suspended in mid-air, with miles to go before it reaches the mattress. I can't recommend this highly enough or with any more enthusiasm. My chiropractor stressed that I needed to have a more firm sleeping experience, and since buying this my chronic back pain is all but gone. Even though I enjoy a softer feel to my bedding, this is the perfect marriage of comfort and support. Plus, the mattress has a 25 year warranty. Who can beat that!?

Comfortable and Cool

I find this mattress firm and supportive because of the memory foam layer. I haven't had a bad night's sleep on it so far. I got this mattress on special for about $1000, which is a good deal. This is my first foam mattress and I like it more than a traditional spring mattress because of it's stability and the life-span (25 years.) I'd recommend this to someone who's getting aches and pains from their current mattress and wants something firm and comfortable.

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