Sunset Collection GelCool Pillow

Sunset Collection  GelCool PillowSunset Collection  GelCool Pillow
  • Sunset Collection  GelCool Pillow
  • Sunset Collection  GelCool Pillow
Sunset Collection

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  • Variable Sleeper
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Have a comfortable more restful sleep with the GelCool pillow. Enjoy the cradling comfort of memory foam that will relieve pressure points and leave you feeling well rested.

  • Memory Foam cradles your head for comfort and responds to movements to relieve pressure points and mould to your body's contours to provide head and neck support
  • GelCool Applique keeps the pillow cool for a comfortable sleeping area
  • Zippered Washable STAYCOOL cover allows for maximum airflow and helps wick away moisture
  • Exclusively at Sleep Country Canada

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials


I bought one for my husband and it worth the money! Very comfortable and he sleeps better now.

Passed Out

Bought two of these for my boyfriend and I at a home expo - boy, was it worth the money! We both tried it out once we got home and we passed out within 5 minutes of laying on the pillow. This pillow is great on both our necks and the cooling gel helped maintain a good temperature. Life is good with these pillows - no joke.


loved the cooling effect but the pillow got really flat really quick. will not be buying this pillow again!

Sunset Collection GelCool Pillow

Wonderful pillow, I love it


Never have I had a more comfortable and cool pillow!

Contour Collection GelCool Pillow

We purchased one of these pillows last week-end. We have be rotating to see if we both like it and we love it so will be going to get another one this week-end. My husband has neck & head sweats and this stopped immediately. I have a medical condition with my neck and shoulders that make me heat up during the night and wake me up. This pillow worked immediately and I no longer get up with a sore neck and shoulders


I'm a stomach sleeper so it works so perfectly. I was looking for a pillow like this. Worth the $90

GelCool Pillow

Absolutely no neck support. Used one night and then sleep country says they wouldn't take it back. $70 just thrown away. Don't buy this thing. It's garbage.

I LOVE this pillow

I don't know how Coolness can complain about no instructions for whether to use the blue gel side or the non gel side. It's so obvious. The cool gel side gives you a cooler sleeping surface during the warmer months. Then you can flip the pillow over to the memory foam side during the cooler months. So what side you use is up to you and the temp of your bedroom. Is that difficult?


Its like sleeping on a cloud! Ive been searching for the perfect pillow and i found it! it is so comfortable and i sleep right through the night without waking up to rejust my pillow and when it gets too warm i just turn it over for the cooling jel! My boyfriend loves it too- he comes over to my side to sleep on my pillow every night!

Great Pillow

Memory foam is great and makes the pillow conform to your head and neck. Not sure how someone could complain about no neck support, I have tried all kinds of pillows and this is, by far, the BEST whether you sleep on your back or your side!

No neck support, buy a $5 from walmart !

has absolutely no neck support, terrible for either sleeping on your back or the side (worse on the side since its kind of low). the back of the head sinks in (which is expected from a memory foam) not worth the $90 or whatever you pay for it. cool jel works though


Was great the first 2 days but no instructions on if we should have the blue part on the top or on the bottom?!?!?!

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