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How to buy the right linens

We're passionate about you getting the best sleep possible. And there's no better way to complete your sleep experience than choosing the best sheets and sleep products to compliment your bed.

Ask a Sleep Expert about our range of exceptional quality and well—priced sheet sets, mattress pads and more.

Choosing the right sheet sets for you

From cool & comfortable cotton, to 100% rayon from Bamboo and more, at Sleep Country Canada we can help you find the right linens for you.

What qualities are you looking for in a sheet set? Knowing more about the different fabric types, thread counts and sizes available to you might be helpful.

Cotton Linens
100% Egyptian Cotton & Sateen Linens
Rayon from BAMBOO Linens
Choosing the right thread count
Choosing the right sheet size

How to choose the right sleep products and more

Knowing how sleep products can improve your overall sleep experience is the first step in deciding which one is right for you.

What's a Mattress Topper?
What's a Mattress Pad?
What's a Mattress Protector?

The importance of a good Bed Frame

Just like the foundation of your house, the bed frame is crucial for getting all the benefits from your sleep system. Proper support is required by almost every manufacturer to maintain your mattress warranty. A centre support is required for most beds full sized and up.

We offer a wide variety of frame support products that we also deliver and assemble with your mattress purchase. Just ask a Sleep Expert about the frame support your new mattress needs.

About our Headboard/Platforms

Sleep Country offers a beautiful selection of headboards and platforms that will complete the look of your bedroom. Match your current decor or give your bedroom an all-new look, choose from an assortment of finishes including steel, wood and upholstered inside our stores.