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When it comes to wellness, we often hear about the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise. But there is a third pillar of wellness that is often overlooked…

Canadians spend one third of ourtheir lives asleep, yet too many of us sleep on older, unsuitable mattresses, either because we’re putting off buying a new one, or because we just don’t think about it. We toss and turn all night or wake up with aches and pains, ...

Despite all the fascinating research constantly being done about sleep, it remains a fairly mysterious subject. While scientists may be learning new information all the time, the average person's relationship to sleep can seem more predicated on magic or luck than scientific fact. As soon as you've suffered a bout of insomnia or lived with an active sleep-walker, it becomes very easy to see how people came up with the idea that sleep was controlled by spirits or creatures like the Sandman.
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