Partners in Better Sleep

Sleep Country Canada has partnered with the University Health Network, Toronto General Hospital to create the Sleep Country Canada Sleep Medicine Labs.

By supplying these world-renowned hospitals with top-quality mattresses and funding critical equipment upgrades, it is our goal to help Canadians suffering from sleep disorders get the treatment they need and find answers to their sleep questions.

Sleep Country Canada mattresses are utilized alongside state-of-the-art equipment to help research, diagnose and treat both common and rare sleep disorders - from sleep apnea and insomnia to narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome and more.

Inside this leading edge sleep centre, highly trained physicians and technicians work diligently to evaluate and treat patients with symptoms that span the entire spectrum of sleep conditions.

Got a question for a Sleep Doctor? If you’ve got a question with regards to sleep and your health you can ask it here. Sleep researchers and Physicians will be answering commonly asked questions and providing information inside our Sleep Health Blog.

Our University Health Network Partners

Toronto General Hospital

Princess Margaret Hospital

Toronto Western Hospital